Starrah and Diplo - Zoo


LooseKeys had the chance to team up with Simian Design once again! This time it was for a colorful animated music video for Starrah and Diplo. This video features animated balloon animals in different backdrops. Most of the music video centers around balloon animals having a crazy house party, some even vomiting rainbows, swinging from ceiling fans and cozying up in the middle of the festivities.

The LooseKeys team is really pleased with how this turned out and we were ecstatic to design and animate this trippy world for Diplo and Starrah.


Brad Chmielewski


Kyle Cogan


Ethan Barnowsky, Brad Chmielewski and Jake Williams


Ethan Barnowsky, Brad Chmielewski, Chas Fries, Levi Reardon and Jake Williams

Animation Assistant

Maeve Price

Director Representative

Charlie Twaddle of Lark Creative