Jacob Sartorius - Skateboard (Lyric Video)


Jacob Sartorius’s EP dropped today, and we were lucky enough to work with Simian Design on a lyric video for his song, “Skateboard.” This is the second lyric video for this song, and I think it compliments the other lyric video well. The other lyric video that Simian Design produced featured grand shots of skateboarding in the city, but this one takes it to a smaller scale. This lyric video brings it to the desktop; it imparts that feeling when you’re stuck inside, maybe dreaming about grabbing your board and getting out onto the streets. When you skateboard anything can become skateable, whether it’s a rail, a couple of stairs, a wall, or even a color pencil; this bright and whimsical video brings that magic to life.


Brad Chmielewski


Kyle Cogan


Ethan Barnowsky, Brad Chmielewski, Levi Reardon and Jake Williams


Maeve Price

Hand Actor

James Chmielewski

Record Label

RCA Records

Director Representative

Charlie Twaddle of Lark Creative