Mike Tolkin for Mayor


Mike Tolkin ran in the Democratic primary for Mayor of New York City in 2017 and as an Independent in the General Election. As a first-time office seeker, his campaign teamed up with Pasadena Pictures and LooseKeys to create a series of animated videos to illustrate his vision for New York City. These were sticky videos used on social media with the goal being to simplify his campaign initiatives and to execute the animation in an eye catching manner.

Mike Tolkin had a background in technology, so he was very familiar with the power of explainer videos to reach and educate an audience. LooseKeys collaborated with his campaign to drive his message forward. There are many more issues that Mike Tolkin is looking to tackle for New York City; these were just a few of the ideas that we focused on during the Primary campaign.

Production Company

Pasadena Pictures


Will Slocombe


Ethan Barnowsky, Brad Chmielewski and Jake Williams


Ethan Barnowsky, Brad Chmielewski, Chas Fries, Levi Reardon and Jake Williams

Sound Design

Pat Janssen


Jay Israelso/p>