NGHTMRE and Dillon Francis - Another Dimension


LooseKeys had the chance to team up with Simian Design for another animated music video! This time it was for a wacky world where NGHTMRE and Dillon Francis embark on an otherworldly adventure, escaping from an adorably menacing cloud and starring in their own version of Super Mario.

The LooseKeys team is really pleased with how this turned out and we were ecstatic to design and animate these mind-melting visuals that Ethan Barnowsky crafted. Ethan’s versatile style allowed us to seamlessly move from one dimension to another, keeping the energy moving throughout.


Brad Chmielewski


Kyle Cogan


Ethan Barnowsky, Brad Chmielewski and Jake Williams


Ethan Barnowsky, Brad Chmielewski, Shawn Spear and Jake Williams

Director Representative

Charlie Twaddle and Emily Sanders


Concepts & Process