Oracle - The Worksite of Tomorrow in Construction and Engineering


The Digital transformation is shaping the worksite of tomorrow as IoT, 5G, drones, AI, modeling, autonomous vehicles—and whatever comes next—enable better and smarter ways of working via the cloud.

To help highlight this transforming workplace, the approach of this video for Oracle was an isometric animation that combined 2D and 3D elements. Throughout the animation, the goal was to showcase how these tools have transformed office life and how they could significantly impact construction sites or on-site repair.

By having small micro scenes throughout the animation, we were able to focus on the individual settings, which helped break up the story once we brought it all together inside Cinema 4D and After Effects.

Watch the animated video and explore the worksite of tomorrow, today.



Produced By

Aperture One


Brad Chmielewski and Jake Williams


Brad Chmielewski, Torey Kervick, Brad Stark Jake Williams

Animation Assistant

Maeve Price


Concepts & Process