Chicago Beer Pass


Chicago Beer Pass is your ticket to all the craft beer events happening in and around Chicago. The show's hosts are Brad Chmielewski & Nkosi White and they have been putting out this audio podcast for the last few years. Since they are also releasing video versions of the podcast for YouTube, they needed an intro title animation that reflected the show. The podcast typically covers a variety of topics. It's a collection of places, events, and beers from the previous week. Wanting to capture that same vibe for the intro animation, we went for a collage look. This style helps bring together a lot of fun audio from previous years episodes and photos of breweries and beer they have talked about on the show. With the addition of sketchy type, we were able to express a punk or DIY attitude that is craft beer and Chicago Beer Pass.

Brad & Nik cover a lot during each episode, not only events and beer news but also their feelings on beer and the beer community. It's a podcast that's fun and a little random, and hopefully, that's what you get out of this animation that will get attached to every episode moving forward.


Chicago Beer Pass

Creative Director

Brad Chmielewski

Initial Concepts

Seth B. Hodel

Talent Photography

Sergio Salgado


Brad Chmielewski and Torey Kervick

Sound Design

Brad Chmielewski


Concepts & Process