This Little "B" Is Big Deal!


Over the years, we've worked with many excellent companies that are doing good for the planet. One of the most recent organizations we worked with was the B Corporation.

For this series of animated explainer videos, we used a combination of 2D illustrations and 3D elements created in Cinema 4D. Using a mix of 2D & 3D allowed us to show off some of the B Corporation packages and give the audience a true sense of what they should be looking for when shopping or spending their money.

B Corps are companies that meet high social and environmental performance standards, transparency and accountability. This Little B is a Big Deal because where you choose to spend your time and money or where you don't can make a real difference. The more you know, the easier it is to choose wisely and feel good about where your dollars end up.

Use the B as a tool to make better choices for yourself and your family and as a map to navigate a world where transparency is hard to find. Or use it to vote to invest in a healthier planet, better jobs, and a kinder world.

Do better. Feel better. Choose better. Join the movement.

Produced By


Creative Director

Brad Chmielewski


Brad Chmielewski

2D Animation

Brad Chmielewski, Thomas Donaldson, and Morgan Mathew

3D Animation

Thomas Donaldson


Concepts & Process