Morning Care


Morning Care is a remedy created to relieve hangovers. Morning Care can be taken before or after drinking. Its primary ingredients, Rice, Soybean, Turmeric and Milk Thistle, provide a powerful defense to protect the liver and relieve hangover symptoms. We were asked to help develop a pitch for this product that could be a fun way to build some engagement for the brand in the United States market.

Rather than going the traditional explainer video route for this project, we looked to flex our 3D muscle a bit to tell a simple story on how a small recovery drink can make the difference for your night out. Taking one bottle of Morning Care can make your next day less painful.

Throughout the process, we explored a traditional 2D option with the client, but to showcase the physical product, we landed on a 3D look that was straightforward and memorable.

Produced By

Creative Director

Brad Chmielewski

2D Animation

Brad Chmielewski

3D Animation

Thomas Donaldson


Brad Chmielewski


Concepts & Process