Rethinking America’s Child Care System


How childcare businesses are funded in this country has created a broken business model, a challenge exacerbated by COVID-19. With many childcare businesses forced to close, families struggle to find high-quality care that helps their children learn and thrive while allowing them to stay in the workforce. Policy solutions are needed to support a stable childcare market and to ensure families have access to childcare that works for them.

This video aimed to take a highly complex subject and pair it down into a short video that was easily digestible to whoever was watching. We knew the audience was likely to be older, and with the amount of information in the voice-over, we looked for a visual style that wouldn't take away from the message or make it feel like all the initial funding was just spent on marketing.

The first animation went over so well we were asked to create a second animation that went into a bit more depth and could be used as a follow-up video without making someone watch the same animation again.

Creative Director

Brad Chmielewski


Brad Chmielewski


Brad Chmielewski, Thomas Donaldson, and Scott Wilson

Sound Design

Maeve Price


Concepts & Process