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The Process

We are Animators, Editors and Storytellers

Whether the idea is on the back of a napkin or on our chalkboard, the purpose and goal is the same - to make a great product for you.


It begins with a great story. We have a proven track record and we know what keeps people entertained.


We work on visualizing ideas in an elegant and simple way.


Our team of animators have been working with clients big and small. They have the skills to deliver just what you need.


We make sure each video features a blend of voice over, music and sound effects.

Who We Are

Fueled by fancy coffee and donuts

The LooseKeys team produces award-winning original digital content that informs,
engages, and delights.

Brad Chmielewski Maeve Price Jake Williams Ethan Barnowsky

    Owner / ECD

    After creating motion graphics in Chicago for almost a decade, Brad launched LooseKeys where his team focuses on producing award-winning creative content. A skilled podcaster, Brad co-hosts several podcasts with topics ranging from cartoons to craft beer to video games. He also started the Chicago Motion Graphics Group (CMAG), to help gather the Motion Graphics community together to socialize IRL.


    Post Supervisor / Editor

    Born in the great state of Alaska. Maeve edited an Emmy nominated children's television program, broadcast commercials, and anything else that got thrown at her for over a decade. Her youth spent in the wilderness of the Last Frontier has given her the strength and perseverance needed to accomplish any editing task.


    Director of Adventure

    Having left Maine behind for Chicago, Jake is fueled by donuts and apple pie. This sugar rush allows him to use his creative talents to bring his illustrations to life. Being a video game and cartoon aficionado has enabled Jake to conduct hours upon hours of research into studying animated characters and background designs.


    Major Cool Vibes Coordinator

    Ethan is a Detroit native, bringing that Rock City spirit to Chicago and keeping it alive in everything he does. He adds a much needed comic relief to many LooseKeys productions and is our local GIF guru. Using his spectacular design and animation skills, Ethan crafts attention-grabbing GIF's for LooseKeys clients as well as his millions of fans on giphy.

LooseKeys is here to bring your story to life

Our dedicated and knowledgeable team of artists combine professionalism with creativity. By bringing together design and storytelling, we’re able to create compelling visual content that is fun, informing, engaging and inspirational.

LooseKeys is a production studio specializing in Motion Graphic Design and Animation. If you're looking to promote your product, brand, service or idea, with a creative marketing video then LooseKeys has you covered. From concept to development to animation, LooseKeys helps you connect with your audience.

Fun Facts about the LooseKeys Team

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